Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Puzzle Piece

It is the question that is not answered, the unexpected situation, the call that changes everything. We all have come across or encountered the random puzzle piece. For some it is small, others it is life changing. Some make the best of it, some
become bitter. Big-Small-Bitter-Nice it is a thing called life- and life goes on!

Hi, My name is Shirelle and I am 26. The past 2 years I have come across a variety of my own puzzle pieces. Some have been great and some have been horrible. There were times where I felt lost, confused, and questioned my faith. But with the bad comes the good. That being said there have been times where I feel beyond blessed, cannot stop laughing, and pray 1,000 times a day!

So now on to the good stuff. I am 26 and finding my way! I have no idea where I will end up in the next year more less in the next few months. But I do know one thing- I am going to have a great time getting there. I am single and ready to mingle- I have a new hairdo- and I am determined to eat 5 salads a week from here on out- fruit salad with marshmallows included. :)

Which brings me to the question- why would I start blogging now?? Heck! I might as well entertain people while I put my puzzle pieces together- So let the entertainment begin.

Random facts about me:

*First Dates= Pretty sure I am going to shit my pants or puke on the guy!

*I have a new found love for spinach and artichoke dip

*This year I experienced stretch marks

*Chub rub?? Yup I got that going on!

*I have my own business card- And so do most the hot waiters around town!
 P.S. No Judging! :)

*I have a major crush on the UPS guy- and he knows it- sad part- He is not majorly crushing on me!

* Q-tips- Gosh talk about amazing!

*And lastly, I make one badass carrot cake! :)

Well, I guess that's a wrap for now- Until next time! :)

Shirelle <3

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